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Music & Movement Program

Every Jitterbugs session exposes your children to different music and movement experiences, which assist in attuning their fine, and gross motor skills, developing their listening, concentration and social skills, and building on self confidence.

Jitterbugs session incorporate action songs, dancing and the use of props; including scarves, feathers, beanbags and a variety of musical instruments. There are also weekly coloring in and information sheets.

Jitterbugs Music & Movement sessions include:

  • Basic movements & development of fine motor skills through action songs
  • Development of Gross Motor Skills and coordination of the body and muscles.
  • Working with space
  • Positive re-enforcement of skills learnt.
  • Introduction to team/group participation
  • Developing skills such as passing, jumping and rhythmic movement
  • Awareness of others and themselves within a musical capacity; solos, sharing music time and observing others
  • Follow instructions and developing essential listening skills
  • Learning to take turns and sharing responsibility
  • Lines, Circles and following the leader.