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Take Home Gifts & Invitations


For your free Jitterbugs Dance Party Invitation, click on the “Jitterbugs Dance Party Invite” below where you can complete your special party details before printing.

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Take Home Gifts

Take home party gifts provide a great way for the birthday child to thank their guests for helping to celebrate their special day. Jitterbugs Dance Parties include prizes in their packages, however Take Home Gifts can be ordered for an additional $4.00 each

Jitterbugs take home party bags are filled with age appropriate gifts and a small selection of soft lollies. The party bags are carefully packaged as required to ensure they are age and party theme appropriate.

Each party bag includes a selection of age appropriate small gifts such as;

  • hair tie, hair clips, ring, bangle, headband, wand
  • bouncy ball, key ring, finger puppet, ugly teeth, stretchy animals
  • pencils, straws, bubbles, party blower, stickers, erasers, notepads

(Items are subject to availability)


Filled Piñatas are available in an assortment of shapes, characters and numbers. Piñatas can be added to your child’s party at an additional cost of $30.

An appropriate cleared space is required when breaking the piñata. Blindfold and Piñata stick is supplied.


Birthday Cakes, Candy and Dessert Tables, Decorations and More

Jitterbugs Dance Parties are happy to assist with all your party planning needs. Please call to discuss any additional requirements you have including; Birthday Cakes, Candy Buffets, Dessert Tables, Decorations, Party Food and more.